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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fluid and the Fixed, we understand you have come to bear witness to the best curated collection of NFTs around. We are here to tell you to look no further. Welcome to NFTBOXES Ltd. – the best on the blockchain.

Desperate to be lit up by new, amazing NFTs every month? Love NFTs, but tend to click around in a panic unsure what to buy? Want to discover emerging talented artists while enjoying some of the coolest, established artists we know and adore? Prepare to love NFTBOXES, providing you with all this and more!


1 digital collectible piece created by a freelance graphic designer. At the moment, this is a ‘key’ which allows you to redeem the December box free if all 10 ‘keys’ are collected.

1 Headline Artist piece.

6-7 further art pieces – 1 from each other Digital Artist included.

2 NFTs from existing projects (eg. Sandbox Model of Bonzai tree that can be used in the Sandbox game)


Our box provides a quality collection of NFTs every month,

NFTs created by talented artists and put together by well-known NFT collector, Pranksy.

Each box links its pieces together with an overarching theme.


LAUNCHES November 22ND 2021
Find out more about our next drop on Twitter and continue the discussion on Discord.

Boxes Per Month

NFTs Per Month

Total Artists Worked With