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Contact Us

Somewhere out there in the vast ether, somewhere in this decentralised space, is your dream, your project. A star in a sea of stars. But today, on this cacophonous blockchain, we can get your voices heard.

If you are one who wants your star to truly blaze, please email promotion@pranksy.io

Before approaching us through this vast tumultuous space, please know:

We only accept projects with a unique or truly interesting idea
We value real art and creativity
We like people who think outside the box
We are always really pleased to hear from voices often less heard in the space
You need to be age 18 or above, preferably 21+
We love the meaningful and the fun
We value trust and respect, for our community and for one another; that must be at the heart of anything we do together
You need to have any relevant copyright and legal agreements in place prior to applying or you won’t be able to step on our planet, whatever moon boots you’re wearing

Allow Lists for new projects
To invite Pranksy and Magpie to take part in your new NFT project allow lists, please contact allowlist@pranksy.io

Media Contact
If you are a journalist or member of the media and wish to contact Pranksy, please email media@pranksy.io

General PR
For any general PR enquires, such as event invitations and more, please contact PR@pranksy.io